7 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Today, I have for you all 7 ways to whiten your teeth naturally.

These methods are cheap, don't require any procedures, and can be done by literally anyone with a little time and conscious effort.

With some of these you'll begin to see results quicker than others and all of these methods provide much better results if done consistently.

Without further ado, let's get to the goods: 

  1. brush your teeth with diluted hydrogen peroxide 
  2. gargle diluted apple cider vinegar (one part vinegar and 2-3 parts water), rinse, then brush as you normally would
  3. eat strawberries and other raw, rich vegetables 
  4. brush with baking soda after meals or before brushing regularly (limit to 2-4 times a week)
  5. drinking plenty of water
  6. oil pull once daily or 4-5 times weekly with coconut oil
  7. brush with activated charcoal before brushing regularly

My personal favorites are number six and seven. My teeth have noticeably become a shade or two whiter from regular use of brushing with activated charcoal and oil pulling once every morning.

Much love my friends 🖤

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