8 Ways to Use Distilled White Vinegar When Doing the Laundry

What's one item that’s easy on the pockets, non-toxic, has too many uses to count, and may even already be sitting on a shelf somewhere in your house collecting dust?

Distilled white vinegar. 

Distilled white vinegar has countless uses both in the laundry room and around the house. Not to mention it's typically much safer and better for you compared to most store-bought cleaners and can lead to big savings over time.

Today, I’m bringing a list of 8 uses for distilled white vinegar straight to your doorstep. Some aren’t exactly common knowledge and most certainly don’t come to mind when someone says vinegar.


8 Uses for Distilled Vinegar

1. The Infamous Forgotten Load of Laundry

Remember that time you had one too many things going on and forgot about the load of clothes you washed 12 hours ago? Well, running them again in a rinse cycle with 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of vinegar can save the day and get rid of that horrendous sour smell—quickly.

2. Reduce Static Cling

Add 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle during each load to reduce static cling.

3. Reduce the Amount of Lint from Sticking to Your Clothes

By adding 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle you can reduce the amount of lint that will be attracted to and stick to your clothes.

4. Use as a Fabric Softener

Adding 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle can be a substitute for regular chemical-laden fabric softeners.

5. Losing a War with a Skunk

To get one of the most unappealing smells in the world—skunk— out of your clothes, add one cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water and let the garment soak for several hours. Repeat if necessary.

6. Give Old Clothes that New Clothes Shine

Brighten older, dulled clothing by bringing one cup of vinegar in a large pot of water to a boil, dropping the item(s) in, and allowing them to soak overnight. Follow up with washing them as you normally would.

7. Spring (or Summer) Cleaning for Your Washing Machine

To give your washing machine a deeper cleaning, do a regular wash with no clothes and no detergent—only a cup of vinegar.

8. Sanitize Newly Bought Clothes

Adding 1/2 cup to the water when giving newly purchased clothes their first wash can help to get rid of any leftover manufacturing chemicals and germs from their shipment, storage, or time spent on the shelves at the store. 

I hope you're able to get some use out of some of these methods! 

If you're interested in learning even more ways that distilled white vinegar can be of use to you check out “Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile & Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Heard Of” by Vicki Lansky. It's full of good ideas that I personally would have never even thought were possible.


Thanks for reading and much love my friends 🖤

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