That Pimple Can't Keep Me Down + 4 Quick Tips to Have Fewer Breakouts


four tips to have less facial breakouts with a picture of a women with clean skin


The Imminent Blemish

Whether age 16 or 68, at one point or another everyone has had that feeling when they know a breakout is imminent.

Frankly, it's embarrassing. Though it shouldn't be because deep down I realize that everyone will forget it ever happened in less than two hours time.

Everyone except for me, that is.

I may not remember the exact instances I've had gnarly zit or two, but I still remember what it felt like all of those times.

Zitzilla or Zit-Kong—Whichever You Prefer

In the moment, it always feels like you've been tasked with the decision to choose one of two equally horrendous options:

Option A - tough it out & show my face in public with a gnarly pimple (hate that word) or zit (hate that word too)

Option B - barricade myself inside for three days & wait for Zitzilla or Zit-Kong to blow over while being oh so careful not to allow anyone to get a good look at my face during those three long and excruciating days.

Both options always seem quite terrible in those moments, but I'll admit option A was my choice most every time. And each time, to my surprise, never ended up being as big of a deal as I made it out to be in my head. Surprise, surprise—imagine that.

Be Proactive

Let's save you from having to endure any more of those moments than you have to.

Preventative measures and a proper facial routine are one of the ways to do that.

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