Imagining How Something Feels vs. Knowing How Something feels

Imagining how you think something will feel and actually knowing how something feels are too very different things.

It's hard fully respect the amount of effort, thought, energy, and time that goes into something if you've never done it or at least tried to do-it-yourself.
I can't, at least.
The further I travel down this path of personal growth and trying to grow a business I find myself gaining more respect for various skillsets that I never fully understood or appreciated.

What we see vs. What we don't see

I know my way around a camera well. I've had a couple of paid photography gigs, done one wedding, and have shot for fun for more hours than I could count.
One thing I've never tackled head-on—product photography.
It's made me think about the fact that there's so much behind-the-scenes thought/work that goes into *almost* everything we see.
We see a polished website. ➡ What we don't see is the hours of thought that goes into the design to make that website appealing and user friendly; the thought that went into making it cohesive with all the elements blending well together; the setting-up of plugins and apps; the time spent on analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher in search engines; the time spent optimizing and resizing images so the site runs fast enough.
We see beautiful products. ➡ What we don't see is the amount of effort that went into setting up the scene to make it appealing enough to catch our attention and convey whatever message they want attached to those product photos, usually without the viewer even consciously realizing it's happening (a sense of quality, craftsmanship, professionalism, workmanship, etc.).
We see captivating videos. ➡ What we don't see is the energy spent to plan, edit, and capture the footage—whether that ends up being 1 take or 27.
We see well-written blogs and advertisements. ➡ What we don't see is the time it took to research and gather information. Nor do we see the time it took to find the photos, create the infographics, and make the wording catchy enough to grab our attention—let alone keep it.
This applies to any and every field; it's not exclusive to online work, nor selling products online.
I have a much deeper level of respect for the amount of effort it takes for small and large business owners, entrepreneurs, people selling and creating products, and anyone else that is trying to build something (or themselves) from the ground up.
It may be Friday, but that doesn't mean the work stops!
Have a lovely weekend my friends 🖤

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